MECH Certification and the other MECH products offer benefits to the mechanic, the maintenance supervisor and the facility manager.

Certified mechanics gain:

  • Professional recognition as a Healthcare Mechanic.
  • Documentation of increasing skills by advancing from Certified to Senior Certified.
  • Credentials that can be placed on a resume when switching jobs or seeking promotion.
  • Concrete goals for achieving a higher level of proficiency, both individually and within the trade.

Maintenance supervisors can use MECH to:

  • Document current knowledge of your employees.
  • Improve quality standards among your team.
  • Identify training needs.
  • Retain and reward valuable mechanics.
  • Demonstrate value to your facility.

Healthcare facilities receive:

  • Verification of employee skill for The Joint Commission accreditation.
  • Improved quality of patient care, by equipping in-house staff with broad-based skills.
  • Increased productivity and reductions in contracted service costs.
  • A method for determining employment levels or pay incentives.
  • A time saving hiring system, especially when evaluating mechanics who are new to healthcare using the MECH Structured Interview.

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In December of 1992, the Michigan Society for Healthcare Engineering (MiSHE) formed a subcommittee to explore a new way to recognize healthcare mechanics. Through the work of several MiSHE members, this recognition system was transformed into a certification program. Finally, an independant non-profit organization called MECH was formed to provide this certification to healthcare mechanics nationwide.


The MECH Board oversees the national objectives of MECH and is comprised of facilities managers and Senior Certified mechanics from healthcare facilities nationwide.

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